Missing home :-)

Its been a cold day outside, I got up late and wanted to start studying but ended up delaying things as usual. Thankfuly i am done with my work due for the day…now coming to the weather…I am in st louis right now…its pretty cold outside.

Hey by the way blogging doesn’t come naturally to me. Just got inspired by my kid sister to start off with a page for myself…she writes damn cute stuff…things she writes sounds and looks just like her..smart and cute…..psst..she doesn’t know I could say these things for her….she has put in her pics from germany…looks like a damn neat place..i have been really wanting a trip to Europe one day with my hubby dear in the tow….

My stay in the US till date has had me racing against time to finish my assignments..thanks to my procrastinations(phew ..why did i ever use this huge word)….maybe could have delayed using it in the post..heheeh……

I am not in the school campus that makes a huge difference as I am not alone in my apartment It was kind of freaking me out for sometime..now i guess i’m ok…..I live in sunflower…name sounds nice..the aparment is not bad!!…just kidding ..its nice place to be..just that i miss my dude around me…this is what its like right now from my apartment stairs…

2 thoughts on “Missing home :-)

  1. u have no clue.. m on cloud infinity.. merely coz u spoke abt me in ur blog :).. nice start.. keep them coming.. n u dont worry abt the publicity part..;) :P..hope life gets beautiful all over again!!luv u 😉 😛


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