Back to the apartment

Its been quite some time since i left for st louis….had a real long break from snow, sunflower and much more….wanst able to handle things alone…it was getting difficult….maybe if i was fit and going, things would have been different..i still see flashes of springfield as it was in 2001-2002….clover as it was, people, commons and the path to the brookens….seems like a real long time, people have changed, things have changed, so did the indian crowd here. It feels like a different generation altogether….or maybe i have grown up thats all…. Cant say if i feel ok being back or am i just trying to get on with things put forth for me…..its like trying to win lost battles….maybe it would happen with me or maybe .???…..

Interesting facts about being back…hmmm…..let me think…got to being a student again…..Coming to UI my see like a no-big-deal for many…got to hear a lot about it…but little do these kids realise that reaching here could have been a challenge for many…..anycase, for each his own…..I guess i am too tired to think, to feel or to respond any more… you grower older each passing day brings in a different perspective to life…its how smart we are to grab and grow when opportunity is put forth… and by growth i did not mean on a superficial level..

there are no right or wrong ways to do things……not in a mood to write further..i feel i havent done this right….doesnt sound new !!!

chalo then……..

2 thoughts on “Back to the apartment

  1. hmm.. i just get to ur pg expecting dat ther wld be a new post.. n i was nver disappointed:).. therz this tinj of dullness .. n i cld read ur urge to complete the course ..!!keep up the zing and All the best for everything!


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