This time more than any thing personal to contribute , I thought I would jot down these pointers I found online.

Facts about Plastic Bags

  • About 2.5 billion plastic shopping bags are used every year. That’s about 2,500 bags used per family per year per city (say pune or hyd)
  • Plastic bags are made from oil, a finite resource. By using reusable bags during our shopping trips, we will use fewer plastic bags and help to conserve earth’s resources.
  • Plastic bags thrown away as litter, dirty our public places, rivers and canals, and may even clog up drains, and this would lead to stagnant water and mosquito breeding.
  • Plastic bags litter despoils nature trails, beaches and even chokes up mangroves and poses a threat to marine lives.
  • If each family uses one less plastic bag a week, a small city like pune could save more than 50 million bags each year so imagine what that could do to a city like Mumbai.

Apart from these, not to mention the numerous other major crisis situations such as diminishing fertility of soil, depleting potable water sources, increased toxins in every other form. I might sound too anti plastic, but is it not sensible to avoid the cause rather than look for cure?

Let us consider a few intellectuals arguing about the concept of recycling, my request to them – PLEASE WAKE UP TO REALITY. Is it not a drain on our time,effort, money and resource to clean or recycle the plastic we use and add poisonous fumes to the already polluted air?

Every one is blessed with common sense. Lets shed our myopic view about things and think long term………it would help our children to have a safer future. Let me add, they will have a future if we let the earth remain habitable or should I say, if we let the earth remain in the first place.

Please make an effort to understand this before putting your head into anything complex. Life is surely beyond the work desk and home and the next meal. Yes, I do agree that when food and other basic necessities are a question mark, we tend to get short sighted. But humans are intelligent beings and can think beyond hunting for food. Guess I am not wrong in assuming that we can do our bit.

Small things such as carrying your own bag is not as major as fighting for saving the tiger. But we need to understand that everything is interlinked and nothing can remain isolated on the planet. What we do comes right back to us.