Happy Dassera!
Living in a foreign environment has me going nuts…Missing India has become second to breathing..now, before I get over dramatic with my post….Let me get to what I sat down to write. Previous experiences with people, places and things is what shapes a person’s thinking. It is nice to see fellow Indians celebrate our festivals with appreciable enthusiasm. A common thought I get to hear is that, we get more religious and “wanting to preserve our tradition” while we are away. It is more like appreciating amma’s simple rasam and kootu meal while in a hostel …..Things are different when you live out of your secure environment. It is true that you live where your next meal is destined for you. Also, it is difficult to say that we choose what we want in life, if we could, then why would so many of us crib day in and day out about missing home but having to live here for money and of course the living standards.

It is more of a vicious cycle, any amount of arguments will not work. It is nothing new that our generation is out of their home town. May be each one of our parents has moved out of their turf for a career, in my case from pallakad to hyderabad. My father still misses his home and smells and feel of pallakad. How different are we? Just that, the far off land is more accessible now, we are here. It been a thing as old as the mankind itself, may be we need to look at the aspect of staying back in the “America” as another migration for growth. It is each one’s destiny where they end up living. If you are planning to go back home, it is just because may be you are supposed to be there!…my friends argue about destiny and say we choose our life… I dont want to argue on that…for each his own….it is just that they think they choose thats all!