How GREEN can we be?

I have been on a constant quest to find a sane answer to this question. Since high school, I have been trying to think of ways and means to reduce my carbon footprint. It took me some time to realize I could not “change the world” all by myself. I continue to keep a check on what I buy, what I do and how I could work on making my activities more greener.I have grown to be more tolerant with the non green earth inhabitants around me…however, like any true blood revolutionary, I do continue to crusade!

As they say, to each his own. As of today and right now, I am still not sure as to how I could contribute to the greater good. I make sure I pick up ideas on my way from everyone around me. Ans surely feel that may be I dont have much to contribute….why else would it be that I am unable to make a significant change….Days pass by and my doubts remain….

i see around me and a few like minded crusaders keep me afloat….i was very happy to read this
but the proportions to which this has blown, current levels of awareness and efforts by a select few is not enough……


Can one describe how it is to be challenged?…Either emotionally, mentally or physically?…I am not sure. It is a dreadful state!…Time and again, I have seen myself swinging between having a tiny ounce of confidence and loads of lack of it! …leaving my deep rooted thoughts at that!

Each one has a specific definition for success and failure. Parameters differ and so do perspectives of those parameters. Human quest for finding some meaning for each breathe inhaled /exhaled has been eternal. I am not the only one doing it; nor am I the only one trying to convince myself of sanity in such a quest.

Success to me is not failing as a human. This may sound too melodramatic, but yes; Thats the way it is. If I am able to go to bed at peace with myself, having done at least one thing right for the day means a lot. Moving onto somethings more important in life!

I would describe myself as an aggressive Earth friendly individual. I am an ardent and a staunch believer in the fact that we have borrowed this planet from our future generations. Every act of ours, both right and wrong has a major impact on our future and the future of our children. Hoard to accumulate “wealth”, is taking us nowhere. There seems to be no limit on our targets (to save money, accumulate property, invest in savings?)….I get to hear mind boggling numbers from a cross section of people. Each one’s economic background, access to means for wealth accumulation, exposure to ways and means to spend those earning, and the list goes on.

I always think about Maslow’s hierarchy when I think about the Mad rush this world is into to hoard up “stuff” for the future. (I recommend – reference to :WIKIPEDIA ; love wiki for this! :D).. more insight into why i say that!

It is not possible for the current generation to stop and think about Economics when it is seemingly a time to “save for our children”. Though not new, I would like to present an interesting angle to this fundamental belief of our human race.

Every body would have heard about terms such as ” cost of living”, interest rates, returns on investment etc. But if we actually understood them as they apply to regular life…is a question better left unanswered. I intend to write more on sudconomics soon!