Does It Matter At All ? !!

The statement is all encompassing…….it seems to be the general attitude of most of us. I was intending to write a lot when I sat down..but my anger seems to have dipped……agitation due the issues around me, what I see, feel, hear and sense…everything seems to be affecting me more than it should. My doctor explained a few things to me when I was diagnosed as being having a sluggish thyroid gland…I was not sure what went wrong….among all the factors which lead to thyroid, i seemed to have one dominantly…STRESS…as such stress in my case is mainly due to my nature…I am quite submissively aggressive. My doctor says is those kind of people who do not express their anger when needed but ruin their mental and emotional balance. I have been trying to grown up as a person, particularly on these lines…and haven’t yet reached where I need to be.

I can loose my emotional balance by just going to the super market. Just one thing, my fight against phasing out use of plastic shopping bags, has made me a matter of ridicule…at times I wonder if i was overreacting to the whole issue…but then i get back into form to resume my fight. i seriously feel like a failure as I know that this is a clearly existing issue but i am not able to do my bit to the environment..that is beyond what i do as an individual….the greater part f the populations i refusing to wake up to the whole thing..i wish god gave me strength to tackle the whole list of thing I feel so strongly about… just sum it up..i feel it would the worst punishment to the future generation.. to have such n irresponsible parent generation…..I am too tired to say anything….just praying that I could be more channeled and work towards being a better follower of everything to save my planet….and more so a crusader spreading awareness and making some difference :(…this is just a small part of what is going wrong with our planet…..will we ever wake up?

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