My space in the world of Apartment Therapy- Renest!

Being featured among the Great Outdoors 2009 was a major morale boost for me.

the link : Sudha’s balcony in Apartment therapy

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I will be more than glad to share your views, suggestions and action plans here on the Green Crusade. Hope to see you around and looking forward to hearing from you all.

Pained by apathy

Agreed…world is plagued with a lot of problems…genocides in Srilanka, capital punishment in Iran and what not….we need to do something about everything…but need to start small. Though I would want to contribute, will work for something keeping my limitations in mind…..

For all those who use plastic, styrofoam and anything non-biodegradable and wash off your guilt saying “I RECYCLE” is a news flash……

Technologies associated with recycling are at a nascent stage. More than 90% of the plastic or associated products produced are not recyclable. All the packaging, coffee cups, takeaway containers, milk cans, yogurt containers etc end up as landfill. For the rest of the 10% which can be recycled, believe me it is worthless. Recycling is labour intensive, time consuming and a strain on natural resources……..simple living is the key…we could start by not using or asking for plastic shopping bags….it is a problem which has already gone beyond our control..there is point in time when everyone of us can start with something within their means and support significant, serious measures to save the planet…DO IT IF U LOVE YOUR CHILDREN…refusing one bag a day could make a huge difference!

Thanks to our excessive consumption of anything and everything, we end up producing in excess. Overproduction is worthless….it does not mean “productivity” or growth….it just mean we are straining our planet more than necessary. Another way to look at it would be….more plastic use means more crude oil consumption for a not so useful reason…that means pricier fuel and higher cost of living……so at least this argument should hold for those who care less for anything to do with glaciers, global warming or marine life….least of all their own life

Social responsibility is a necessity and not a choice. I think twice before I buy something and look at the value chain for the product I consume. I am yet to verbalize my POV on this. However, there is one thing I am sure most of us dont know. Corporate World has to contribute its share to saving the planet. among the number of ways required, one is to account for the damage their business exerts on the environment. It is called environment accounting. Though I am a finance major in my MBA, I cannot ignore this aspect as an expense on the Balance sheet. For me it is beyond that. It is in the true sense, the seriousness shown by a business or an industry in accounting for the damage their operations cause the environment. In short, it is the total environmental impact of what goes into producing, packaging, stocking, selling, consuming, and finally disposing a product or service.  Even if it is considered via this angle, over production and devaluation of products and services is not an indicator of “GROWTH”…definitely not.

Every individual needs to make the right choices and learn about their impact on the environment. It is the only way we can help ourselves. On a personal level, I have been striving to live life as green as possible thanks to my faith in what a great man once said :

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” –
Mahatma Gandhi

My Balcony in Apartment Therapy – Re Nest

Almost an year ago, I chanced upon a very informative, amazingly well published site. Apartment therapy and its associated e-magazines have been an integral part of my daily rituals. In the meanwhile, I took up a project with in my means, a kitchen garden in my balcony. I am impressed with myself.

I was browsing through Apartment therapy, and I chanced upon a contest my great outdoors spaces. I clicked a few pictures of my green space and submitted them. Fingers crossed, and then, the very next day it was there in their Re-nest section of the magazine. This e-magazine is an eye candy. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my balcony featured!….elated!!..Here is the link to my share of space online 🙂



A glimpse of my winning Green space! 🙂

My two cents- for the environment

Among all the other things I try doing to do my bit to save the environment, air/sun drying my laundry is one of them. Although it seems like a small thing to do, I was overwhelmed by the amount of CO2 emitted by a standard laundry dryer. I am writing in the context of USA because I am living here as of now. I hail from India and sun dying your clothes is a normal thing there. However, lack of space (apartment dwelling), climatic conditions (most part of the country) make it impossible for people to depend on the SUN’s rays to dry their clothes. People living down south could definitely give it a try. I try washing most of my clothes in a bucket, in my bathroom tub. But the process is a bit tedious and is taking it’s toll on my injured shoulder. Result is the occasional guilt ridden use of the washer. I have been trying to convince myself of the water saved while running a full load to set off the CO2 emissions (by a washer).

An average American family of three uses the dryer four hours a week. Replacing use of your dryer with a clothes line will reduce your household carbon dioxide emissions by 1,247 pounds per year. (Assuming you use your dryer four hours per week. (source:

My solution was a clothes drying rack/stand from IKEA. This in fact replaced my old stand which broke a few days ago. I love crisp sun dried towels for my bath. 🙂

I have re-purposed used milk cans and yogurt containers as planters. it was fun to request friends to donate their discards. It was worth the effort…

Eco-friendly bird bath and feeder! – DIY

Each time I walked past the garden and patio section in any super store, I was drawn to the garden accessories aisle. I wanted to be completely green in my purchase but couldn’t find a decent bird bath with in my budget. Then a hanging basket ( a trash area find!) inspired me to make my own bird feed and a bird bath. Inspiration credits – Srinath – my lifeline! – 🙂

Bought two clay saucers (varying diameters) and a pot. Glued them together, placed the piece inside the hanging basket and hung it to the balcony roof. I am elated!

I hope at least these winged cuties will keep me occupied during those lazy afternoons. I miss feeding the early morning “sadamparuppu” to a crow. I hope I can compensate missing that with this feeder…this is a pic with my winged buddy

Green Crusaders- the rare breed!

I have been struggling to focus on my to-do list. however, couldn’t help my absence from “writing”….Having joined a few communities on orkut, I seem to be re-strengthening my passion to crusade against anything eco-unfriendly. I am among those who believe in minimalistic living, reusing and re purposing things. I used to struggle with my family and friends, literally. I was branded a crazy, eccentric teenager who hated plastic and hated all who loved it. On the verge of sounding extreme, I should say i haven’t left the passion, it has only grown over the last 15 years. But i do lack the knack of saying the right words to brig about a change, else my husband and my mother wouldn’t have been the only ones who understood why i spoke those things and did what i did…this side of my struggle is on. I hope to be a productive individual who is effective and can bring about more awareness than what i am achieving right now. to be frank, I did reach a point where i found myself alone with these ideas. Thanks to orkut, and other sites such as less plastic more life

I know there are more like me and may be more effective in their crusade and now …my hopes are up.