Green Crusaders- the rare breed!

I have been struggling to focus on my to-do list. however, couldn’t help my absence from “writing”….Having joined a few communities on orkut, I seem to be re-strengthening my passion to crusade against anything eco-unfriendly. I am among those who believe in minimalistic living, reusing and re purposing things. I used to struggle with my family and friends, literally. I was branded a crazy, eccentric teenager who hated plastic and hated all who loved it. On the verge of sounding extreme, I should say i haven’t left the passion, it has only grown over the last 15 years. But i do lack the knack of saying the right words to brig about a change, else my husband and my mother wouldn’t have been the only ones who understood why i spoke those things and did what i did…this side of my struggle is on. I hope to be a productive individual who is effective and can bring about more awareness than what i am achieving right now. to be frank, I did reach a point where i found myself alone with these ideas. Thanks to orkut, and other sites such as less plastic more life

I know there are more like me and may be more effective in their crusade and now …my hopes are up.

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