Eco-friendly bird bath and feeder! – DIY

Each time I walked past the garden and patio section in any super store, I was drawn to the garden accessories aisle. I wanted to be completely green in my purchase but couldn’t find a decent bird bath with in my budget. Then a hanging basket ( a trash area find!) inspired me to make my own bird feed and a bird bath. Inspiration credits – Srinath – my lifeline! – 🙂

Bought two clay saucers (varying diameters) and a pot. Glued them together, placed the piece inside the hanging basket and hung it to the balcony roof. I am elated!

I hope at least these winged cuties will keep me occupied during those lazy afternoons. I miss feeding the early morning “sadamparuppu” to a crow. I hope I can compensate missing that with this feeder…this is a pic with my winged buddy

9 thoughts on “Eco-friendly bird bath and feeder! – DIY

  1. Nice, i'm looking for a nice “do it yourself” bird bath for my bird buddies on my 3rd story apartment balcony, they already have their feeders, just need a nice, inexpensive bath and I think this is a great idea!


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