to use the dishwasher or to handwash ?

Ever since I have been having the privilege of a dish washer in the kitchen, I have had this on going debate. Three things which need to be considered: use of electricity to run the machine, energy used to heat the water used and of course even blow/air dry dishes in the washer; water consumed, and the eco-damage cased by the dish washer detergents. Dish washer detergents, in comparison to hand washing liquid or dish bar soap, are more chemical ridden ( thats the logic behind us not being able to use regular dish detergent for the dish washers.)

I would want to experiment with soapnuts to wash dishes….have to see how that works out…i remember my ammama telling me about how the erstwhile dhobiz used soapnuts to wash pattu/silk sarees. Translating the soapnut effect to dishes should work .right?..btw it was my ‘shampoo” till i moved out to be on my own….

4 thoughts on “to use the dishwasher or to handwash ?

  1. Dear Sudha
    u have got a company here…..
    I'vent still decided to start using this gadget that is going to make women even more lazy, along with the accompanying environmental damages..


  2. Hello Sudha,

    I sincerely appreciate your efforts to make the planet green, the seriousness in your thoughts. But from all your articles I read earlier, I am wondering why u ever had a raised a question mark for this – considering that washing dishes is not a big task and may be it is one of the essential tasks that we have to take up in an already sedentary life, I hope you are not using the dishwasher 🙂


  3. hi Divya
    thank you so much for being so patient and reading thru my posts….the question mark is from people who asked me this question time and again…some sincere and some mocking at my Green living habits..:)…and yes, as mentioned in the post…i am a handwashing person…electricity and the hot air used to dry dishes in the dishwasher are not worth the i dont use the appliance 🙂


  4. i like your works to make this planet a beautiful place to live in…. keep going… and i have installed vetiver mats in my windows but it it doesnt seem to make my place cool… can you suggest me some ways to find whether the vetiver which i got is original or not??


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