Green Bag Lady

I read about this Green Bag Lady on another blog I follow : “Less Plastic More Life”. Was glad to see another person truly committed to living green. Though I have tried advocating green living since I was 17, I ended up with severe depression and a nervous breakdown. I felt I failed as a green crusader. Apart from my mother and my husband, no one else has understood what I was trying to convey. I am not sure what led to my failure in leading people to think; Lack of effective communication skills or a social standing. I have lost hope for ever being a fruitful contributor to the “Green Revolution” . I wish I could do more, and yes I want to do more!

Read through this blog: Green Bag Lady

To be honest, I am jealous that someone could actually reach out to a wider, intelligent audience and I could not. But all said and done, even if one person starts to give green living a thought, I am happy.

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