New Ziploc Evolve – Claims to be Eco-friendly – OXYMORON!!

Whenever the new ziploc evolve ad comes up on TV, I get agitated. Calling a non-biodegradable product eco friendly makes no sense. The ad claims that the product is being manufactured using 25% less plastic (ah!), and mentions that it manufacturing process makes use of wind energy (sic). Really? How can a plastic product, which will eventually be landfill, be eco-friendly by any means? I am sick and tired of living among ostriches. I remember, once when I forwarded an article about quilted toilet paper, one of the educated members of the family lashed back saying – “it was for people to decide as to what they do with their ass!”. Great. Green choices are a necessity now and no longer a matter of choice. Huh! no point trying to make people see sense. Conglomerates will keep filling their coffers at the cost of the general population getting sold by the idea of what they say is right. Parallely, activists will be on their quest for a greener earth. All will co-exist in a weird harmony.

One thought on “New Ziploc Evolve – Claims to be Eco-friendly – OXYMORON!!

  1. I would appreciate ideas on disposal of batteries. The companies who make them don't have any collection centres and neither do the municipalities or governments> can we start an e-movement urging the companies to grow/act more responsibly ..


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