No Plastic? Fantastic

During a recent visit to Kroger, I found a teeny tiny sticker near the billing counter. It said “Less plastic? Fantastic!” . I decided to write about this campaign and began my research as soon as I reached home. To my surprise, I couldn’t find any material about this campaign initiated by Kroger. I had to go to their website and look for campaigns and initiatives. Here is where I found an article on their mission to save a billion bags this year –  Less plastic? Fantastic!

There was not a single copy of the above mentioned sticker in print or online..Strange!! So do we assume that the corporate policy on social responsibility is nothing more than their ploy to “meet legislative requirements for corporate environmental responsibility”? Even if the program is supposed to be genuine, we don’t see any retailer visibly encourage use of reusable bags- say by means of ads or any other promotional programs. Just hanging them at the billing counters doesn’t help…right!.

Did you know that kroger has an entire segment of their website dedicated to GREEN LIVING. I dint until I searched through their website. I was so angry about their attitude towards green projects that I researched for them online. As mentioned these programs do not get as much publicity as their “SALES and discount coupons” (nonsense)…They need to work more on these programs rather than restricting it just to their website. The least they could do is to show people using reusable bags in their TV ads, but the ads glorify the idea of plastic bags being brought home..and the focus is on Save money live better!

I am not sure what Kroger intends to achieve with this tiny sticker or the program for that matter. When a billboard sized hoarding on these topics can’t work its magic on people, what difference could an insignificant one inch square sticker make?

Retail giants don’t push a green programs fearing a dent in their customer base. Retailers and corporates are here to make money and “create wealth for their stakeholders”...sounds familiar…lol..lines from our financial management books on wealth creation….(sic!). I have nothing against Kroger, its subsidiaries or any other retailer for that matter.

None of the convenience freaks (read customers) would have “seen the sticker” or would want to even acknowledge that plastic or anything with throw away culture is bad for them. Don’t I see a suicidal tendency in them…hmm…seems like an interesting way to look at the whole issue.

Its not lack of information but lack of integration of know-what to know-how which glorifies throw away culture. A simple thing like going to a temple and asking for “prasadam” means using up two fold able styrofoam containers and of course one plastic/styrofoam glass for water. I have stopped buying anything from Hindu temples here in the USA or even carrying home food from restaurants.

It pains to see that not one person standing before me in a billing counter has ever said no to a plastic bag….And to top it all, they look at me like I belong to the jungle and not the civilized world…why you my ask?…because I take my own bag and specifically ask the billing clerk to pack things in my own bag…it is just a small effort and a major start to bigger things…

My eyes are sore looking for just one more environmentally responsible earthling around me (in person)!!! Will I ever be able to come across one ..I don’t know…when are all these convenience freaks going to realize that they are being a pest on this planet.
If you are among those who can think, can feel and surely make sense out of happenings around you…How about spreading some awareness…as they say knowledge is power…and we can bring in change when we are committed to it.

Share this or similar videos with family and friends. I am sure it is more a lack of awareness than lack of common sense that people don’t realize a lot of things. Here is a talk on TED by Captain Charles Moore on why we need to get more conscious…brilliant and surely is nothing short of a horror movie

Image source: Kroger green living website

2 thoughts on “No Plastic? Fantastic

  1. As the Who's say in Horton Hears A Who, we're here! We're here! I invite you to visit my blog, Fake Plastic Fish, my journey to live life with much less plastic. I have been collecting and tallying my own decreasing plastic waste for the last 2-1/2 years after learning about the plastic in the ocean, and reporting on all the ways I find to get plastic out of my life. Please come visit!



  2. I am happy to find a fellow blogger interested the same issues as I am passionate about…I am glad you came into my blog world…and I am glad to have found your blog!


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