Updates on Seawood lake project

I have been on a mission lately and I am happy. But the fact that things are not moving as I anticipated has me working harder on this. I had done a post on Save Seawood lake a few days ago.I was trying to send out emails and increase awareness about this project apart from scouting for people in the media who could help.

It is depressing to see real estate developers encroaching this lake by dumping debris and wanting to alter the natural landscape of this part of Mumbai.

 Image Source: Save Seawood Lake Group (Facebook)

  I have joined the facebook group called : Save Seawood Lake, dedicated for this project. HERE. (I did not have an account on facebook. But I joined in to be a part of this group. So I request you to make an effort and join this group…every vote counts!).

I wanted to share this information about the lake and the project. Inspite of all my research, I am sure I couldn’t written in better than Rajee herself. I quote the information stated on facebook page for the group.

“Seawoods Lake is located in Navi Mumbai … which is the city neighbouring the financial capital of India … Mumbai.The entire creek surrounding this general geographic area is house to the most endangered mangroves … the government of India has today in effect stringent regulations to protect these mangroves.As you come up the Thane creek … please look at Seawoods lake (wikimapia.org) located very near the panvel creek … divided only by a abandoned manmade road … this lake is not considered a part of the mangroves and suddenly dumpers have started to fill this lake with debri from other construction sites … looking at the sudden drop in water levels … it is very obvious the water is being drained out .This lake is the backdrop of a school … and houses many wildlife species … including the migratory pelicans and flamingos at certain times of the year(like right now) … The Navi mumbai authorities are undertaking major projects in collaboration with NGO’s to save and protect the wetlands and the mangroves … also located close by is the office of the Konkan Commissioner … also working towards the protection of the mangroves … but somehow protection of this lake is becoming a case of … ‘slip through the cracks’ … Help us save this lake … it is part of the mangroves … it is the first line of defence for the local geographic area which is anyways a metre below sealevel. Incase of a repeat of a deluge tragedy like 26/7 this area would be a major disaster area in the absence of these mangroves … irrespective of whereyou are located geographically … let us all come together to prevent an ecological and environmental disaster.The authorities concerned need their attention drawn to this issue so that they take the urgent steps needed to save this lake .The mangroves are in danger if this lake is allowed to be drained away.Our belief and faith in our institutions and authorities keeps alive a flicker of hope.
By joining this group you will prove that protection of our environment is of utmost urgency … we don’t need scientist to warn us time and again … deepdown we all know.The polar caps are melting … sea levels are rising … tsunamis are no longer stuff of sci-fi movies…. the rains are diappearing … winters are shorter or lost in many parts … rainforests are diappearing … what more.
Help save this lake its part of our environment …our Earth … lets mend our ways … one step at a time… this may be our only chance … we haven’t yet got another place to go.”

Significant milestones for this Project:

  • Member strength on facebook: As on Dec 20th 2009 – 175 (More the merrier – Its for a cause – Join in)
  • An article in  the Mid Day : HERE:  Cry for me, Copenhagen             
Image source: the article
  • Hindustan Times mentioned the Signature Campaign started to save the lake. (participants- 600 residents)
Image source : Seawood lake Group on Facebook

Group Admin Rajee Sood updates the Facebook wall with the latest for all of us to feel the connection to this project orrespetive of where you live. Please do let me know if you are from the media or know someone in the media (in mumbai or elsewhere) and can help the project.

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