Home made cosmetics

I have a lot on my to-do list while waiting to recover from a truck load of things. One of the to-dos is to try concocting my own cosmetics (including soaps). This would take my `make everything from scratch` agenda one step further .

I have been bookmarking a list of blogs and sites with recipes and articles on home made soaps, scrubs and creams. This is to improve on my trials to avoid all the plastic and other non-biodegradable packaging from the FMCG industry. Crafting Green world.com is one such webstie/blog I found while looking  for eco-friendly arts and crafts. Their article about Do it yourself – make your own beauty products looks quite promising. Do check out their articles on more eco-freindly ideas for everyday living.

Crafting a Green World

4 thoughts on “Home made cosmetics

  1. Hey Sudha,
    I simple love your posts. I would love to have your posts on our website. Our readers will love your content and will be able to interact with you directly through it. Please email me and i will tell you more. Looking forward to your email.


  2. Reading your article on face scrubs containing polythene beads, I would like to suggest a home made face scrub. Grind green gram (dry & whole) with walnuts and make a fine powder. Mix this powder with an equal quantity of besan , mix with water and use it to wash your face. Can grind the walnut, green gram in large quantity and store it too for daily use once you like the product 🙂


  3. hi divya
    thank you for taking time out to read thru the blog and suggest such a tested home remedy…i m among those who strongly advocate such time tested solutions ..glad you do them as well 🙂


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