Organic food in plastic packaging?!!

Organic produce and food products are a nice buy..keeps one thing off your mind – all the pesticide residue. But is it not an oxymoronistic approach to sell organic and other “green” products in a non bio degradable plastic package?

What is the idea behind all the reams of plastic which went into packaging them? I have no clue…I don’t expect things to be clear cut black and white but this packaging issue is stretching things too far!!!!! (Not that its ok for other products to be stuffed in plastic bag/wraps to be shelved in a retail store.)

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We cannot justify these pre cut organic fruits being sold in ridiculous individual packs. Even the most popular organic food stores indulge in this kind of mockery of green issues. Are they ignorant or do they just don’t care?…It must be fun to meet all those who are into planning and execution of product packaging decisions in these organic and eco friendly companies. I really need to ask them one thing… how do these aisles in organic food store qualify as eco-friendly?

Most argue about the strain green packaging would put on the environment…but is it necessary to add more indigestible plastic junk for the planet to bear? Another arguement is of the corn plastic – the amount of money, effort and the resources which go into producing a single corn plastic container is not worth the effort.


 I don’t know if it is just me or if there are others out there who are bogged down by guilt while buying groceries and other processed food. Its like an anti-thesis when companies which claim to sell organic produce and products, say even cosmetics, don’t think twice before investing in plastic and other non-eco-friendly packaging material. I know I have cribbed and whined about this earlier.

Enormous demand for products and produce results in a significant strain on the environment, and then,  choosing paper or other eco friendly packaging material only adds to the planet’s travails. However, when we weigh the pros and cons of going green and remaining economical, green idea wins- always. It is necessary to understand one base rule – any polymer based synthetic good produced is never going to decompose or biodegrade. However expensive it may be, earth friendly is the way to go (with the packaging as well). Smallest things like the plastic lid cap on glass bottles and jars matter to me. If an item on my grocery list is unavoidable, then I ensure that the jar I buy has a metal cap and not a plastic one….How many of you freak out like I do?

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Any inputs – welcome!!!!

I do not buy these plastic wrapped fruits and vegetables and feel good about not adding some more plastic to the environment.

We need to remember that each product we try, buy and consume is a vote of approval for the company to mark that product as a “success”. So think before you try out a new product, be it consumable or other wise…your vote makes a difference. Simple things like making a choice between –

this jar 

and this


 When the sales go down, these companies are forced to change their strategy and cater to what we consumers demand…Time and again I have been mentioning this – we are at a stage where we are only making trade offs. Living green is a long winding road for the civilized world..the least we could do is to start making a difference…(I make a special mention of this thanks to all the flaky criticism  I put up with due to my green advocacy).

So the next time you are in a super market aisle, make an intelligent choice and Keep the planet happy!

4 thoughts on “Organic food in plastic packaging?!!

  1. I am glad to know that someone thinks like me. Some times when I visit a grocery shop I end up buying Mother's Pickle instead of MTR's just because it's in a glass bottle and MTR's in entire plastic bottle, even though latter tastes better.


  2. yeah I do agree, buying products in a bottle makes you think that it's eco-friendly and clean/safe while those in the plastic containers spoil too quickly. For me, they are both the same because those in bottles are added with preservatives, therefore its not fresh&organic. For me I would prefer organic food delivered to my door so I can be assured of its freshness and thus it doesn't need fancy packaging 🙂


  3. I don't understand why people can't just nuture themselves with cutting up their own food (proccessing)and bring it with them. The whole plastic/glass/metal decision is gone and you are assured of having good quality food, that you like, to eat later. I have a collection of containers from proccessed food I do buy (greek yogut, salsa)and use those over. If it's part of your routine, it works.


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