Global cooling?!!

Are we heading towards another ice age?…
A few reports, white papers and research presentations have been floating around for over a decade now. They all speak about the imminent Ice age. I am in the process of reading more on this topic.. as of now cant say anything right away. It is another aspect of global climate change phenomenon, basically a shift from the normal. It may have been inevitable, but is surely a matter of concern. We humans have contributed towards speeding up of the climate change process. Agreed that the planet has seen cyclic warm and icy eras, however, the issue in focus has to be the fact that human interference has contributed to speeding up the process.

I wanted to equip myself with considerable information on this topic before I wrote something about it….In the mean while thought I’d share some food for thought…A video found on youtube…Let me know what you think about this phenomenon.

4 thoughts on “Global cooling?!!

  1. I like your blog.. Sudha.. very inspiring!! This is a very informative blog.. and you are doing a great job!! I learnt a lot.. reading each post.. Go Green is very dear to my heart.. and I do everything in my capacity.. to live by it.. and to pass on little tips for my kids..

    Oh.. and by the way.. we make curd at home as well.. only so we dont buy it off plastic cans.. If only each one of us could do a little.. – just a little!!


  2. Hey Patricia

    Thank you for stopping by…I am glad you liked my green blog too.. :)…Do keep stopping by and letting me know what you think about my posts…would love you inputs and ideas….of course will be visiting you to pick up new green ideas from your posts as well…:)…I too hope for each one for us to start by doing a little…


  3. Hi Lakshmi
    Thank you for all the kind words…for that matter this is my oldest blog and I never had traffic or people interested in any of the green issues..I was kind of on a crusade all by myself …It is nice to be recognized in the blog world for a being a completely “Green Issues/living” blog…:)..all your comments and words keep me motivated…thanks a ton for everything


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