Fake Plastic Fish

Green Blog : Fake Plastic Fish
Blogger : Beth Terry

This time around, my post is dedicated to a Co-Green blog called Fake Plastic Fish…not that this wonderful blog needs any more publicity.  This post is to show my admiration for a co-green-bloggers who is committed to the cause and has made a significant difference around her.

Her posts are very informative and it was a deja-vu when I saw someone who did things I was doing in my daily life….and was definitely striving to do more….Such wonderful people and their lifestyles are real eye openers and examples for people who argue that it is tough to live green anymore, in this part of the planet in particular (read in the USA).

Here is a link to one of her very inspiring posts. – HERE

2 thoughts on “Fake Plastic Fish

  1. Thank you for linking to Fake Plastic Fish! And yes, I can use all the mentions I can get. There are still so many people that don't realize they can make a difference by starting with changes in their own lives. And don't realize how many ways there are to reduce their personal plastic consumption.


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