Milk delivered in earth friendly packaging

I have been scouting for a local diary farm so that I could buy milk in my own container and stop bringing in plastic milk cans. I feel guilty about the grocery store plastic milk can every time I have a cup of tea or gulp down a spoon of home made yogurt.

My friends who buy milk (including Soya) in cartons aren’t doing the planet a favour either. Plastic lining and the lid section on the terta pack and even other biodegradable raw materials which went into manufacture of these cartons are to be given a thought, in terms of their necessity and impact.


Until a few years ago, milk men delivered bottles filled with milk and used to take back empty bottles to the dairy/delivery centers.


In the eastern world, even today, we have a milkman delivering milk to our door step. He measures out portions for every household and pours it into our own containers. I would like to share a very nice video about a milkman from Punjab from youtube. In a way, reducing food miles and green choices were/are a part of everyday living with people in this part of the world. ( Simply put, food mile is the total distance traveled by every morsel that reaches our plate and its impact on the environment.)

However, the scene is changing for the worse. With each passing day, this naturally eco-friendly population is leaning towards a non-green lifestyle.

There are milk co-ops and large scale dairy companies which sell plastic (Sic!!) pouches or tetra packs. These small prepacked  portions are delivered door to door or at local distribution stations every morning. Although these options are not very green, they exist. There are a few organizations working on helping the dairy industry making earth friendly options.



During one such research, I chanced upon this website which provides a list of Diary farms in the US, which sell their ware in eco-friendly glass bottles. (ah! so much like the old times!!)…I was however disappointed to see that none of the diary farms in the state of Georgia were a part of the list…The website, aptly called, has provided a list under the segment. here: Dairies Using Glass Bottles for Milk in US

One of the eco-friendly alternatives to plastic cans and tetra-packs would be milk vending stations at grocery stores or public locations. Milk would be supplied to these location from local dairy farms and dispensed into containers we carry from home.


These vending machines could be set up by local diary farms and there by reduce food miles. Is this a far fetched thought, not at all. It is very much with in reach of retail chains to set up vending facilities and there by promote local dairy industry and enable supply of fresh milk every day or atleast alternate days. What we need is more number of people in the corporate decision making teams to work on feasible eco-friendly alternatives and think beyond sales figures and return.We as consumers need to think and make wise choices..We have to strive not to leave a claustrophobic planet for our children to live in….

An old proverb always holds good…Long term vision and gains always weigh more than short term returns…

4 thoughts on “Milk delivered in earth friendly packaging

  1. Since I am in India, we have our local milkman coming to our house every morning. Ass hown in the video he does measure and pour 2 lts of milk our own vessel.
    I really liked the idea of milk vending outlets 🙂 Hope they do materialise in our part of the world, before the milk sachets and packets trend spreads everywhere.


  2. I really hope to see things move in the positive direction…youngster like us should motivate our kith and kin to make greener choices…and I am not talking in terms of eco friendly alone..but actually believe in how our grandparents lived ..minimal living with a lot of happiness in our hearts


  3. Very true Sudha .. Now a days we live in the world where we pollute more than what we consume.. We should make it a conscious effort to reduce the plastic wastage and also reduce the carbon food prints

    Small things like taking a bag for shopping, reusing plastic bottles etc shoudl be practised.

    Felt touched with your sincere efforts to save this planet..Will give reference of thsi site to my friends also …

    Keep going buddy .


  4. hi Sudha
    Thank you so much for your comment and your sincere gesture….I am doing my bit and dont leave a chance to put in a word with friends on simple life style choices and how it would translate into a major drive…i havent gotten where i need to be, but i dont think its easier either!!

    thanks to people liek urself…efforts lead to results…thanks for being there for a lonely crusader at work…take care and would love all ur inputs …keep stopping by


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