Aamir Khan – Sanitation Champion for Indian Schools

Aamir khan, one of the responsible Super stars in Hindi Cinema, has considerable fan following. He is known to make movies which carry socially relevant messages. Be it about parents managing a Dyslexic child, Indians’ approach to education or promoting good values among the generation x, y and Z etc, he really can sway the masses.

source: bollywoodobserver

Indian Human Resource Ministry has recognized this super star’s contribution to Indian change wave and aptly made him the brand ambassador for promoting Sanitation programs in schools. With the kind of following he has among Indian audience, I look forward to a better India.


More on the Star’s Socially Responsible Assignments…

His movie about Dyslexic Children and their inability to cope with the Indian Education system was wonderfully portrayed in his Movie – “Taare Zameen Par”. Imagine the impact this movie made, that this super star was made the  brand ambassador for The Times of India’s Teach India Initiative. He seems quite dedicated to the Project. I say this because, US Secretary of State – Hillary Clinton, during her visit to India, took time out to meet Aamir Khan. Given the number of Autistic and Dyslexic children being given special care in the United states, her gesture to meet this star is understandable.

Another very important aspect of this star making using of his Star power is his work in Videos for Incredible India! A series of videos, aptly called “Athithi devo bhava!” – educating people about protecting our national monuments and being more responsible as citizens of India. A must see. Here are two I liked the most.



I hope his influence on population will lead to a more tolerable, habitable India. I have high hopes for the future citizens. (We, the current voting population, are a complete disappointment. I hope we wake up soon!)

8 thoughts on “Aamir Khan – Sanitation Champion for Indian Schools

  1. Wonderful post Sudha. We got to be far more developed with our mindset to match & grow our rich Indian culture. Amir Khan is the best of all to help & guide people in the right direction. Hope to see beautiful India!


  2. Hi . I'm from Chennai. Mother of two young adults.Have been blogging at Aamir's blog since its inception almost 3 years back. Saw your comment a while back–and here I am.

    As a socially conscious Indian, I find myself relating well to Aamir.

    Will be reading the rest of your blog tomorrow–esp interested in the one on organic food and non-organic packaging. Will read and comment tomorrow.

    Regards. LS


  3. Hi LS
    i am so glad you stopped by. with your kind of attitude, I am sure your children must be turning out to be conscious citizens. I would love to hear more from you.



  4. Dear Sudha

    Wonderful Post…!!
    Yaa Thats something nice of a Superstar to do 4 a country like India…Atleast when these things r said from a celebrity like him it may be heard !!

    Gr8 Work !!



  5. It is heartening to see an indian film star contributing to nation building and awareness campaigns. Aamir Khan's actions are in par with the socially conscious story line of his movies. My prayers for speedy and effective results for his efforts.


  6. Hi Didi, Wonderful post. The Atithi Devo bhava – all the series from writing love names on historial monuments to vendors troubling visitors – was one of its kinds. Very impressive concept and Aamir khan doing the job best. I now hope lovers will use better things to write their love notes on and spare the historical monuments :-D. Taare Zammen par has made parents, teachers and institutions rethink. I wish all success for his efforts. Also I wish our people are some more sensible to follow his social messages more than his hair style in Taare Zameen par !! – Sunayana


  7. True, Aamir Khan has the ability to sway Indian masses on very critical social issues. Athithi Devo Bhava series is a very appreciable effort from his side and teaches all Indians some very important, easy to follow lessons. Aamir tries to convey important things through brands he endorses – not sure if you have seen his Titan watches ad – “Koi kaam chotta nahi hota, kaam kaam hota hai sir” – it is a brilliant one.


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