BP oil spill update – Whats happening to the Marine life


Dish washer dilemma

I am not among those who use a dishwasher. I am used to hand washing my dishes, not in running water but in water held in two large containers after the soaping/scrubbing  session(psst…frankly, I do not even know the technique and the optimal dish washer loading patterns…lol). I wrote about my dish washer dilemma >here

I can very well understand if you are among the dishwasher users. I found this article taking about how pre rinsing doesn’t help. Do read through and may be it will save time, energy and resources.

Should you pre-rinse your dishes before loading the dishwasher?: By Lori Bongiorno

source: Getty Images

Let me know your thoughts…..

An Introduction to Ecocide

During my routine research for my blogs, I came across this wonderful website which has coined a new word and has regular updates on earth related topics. I recommend a read. >>HERE is the link to the site – thisisecocide.com

The site talks about Ecocide. which is translated as :

“A CRIME AGAINST PEACE Ecocide is the extensive destruction, damage to or loss of ecosystem(s) of a given territory, whether by human agency or by other causes, to such an extent that peaceful enjoyment by the inhabitants of that territory has been severely diminished...” source: theecocide.com

BP Spill – A comic approach to illustrating the whole issue :-(

Though there is nothing funny about the issue. I wanted to share this video which aptly represents the situation and the irrational approach being applied to solve the problem.

source: ucbcomedy-com & green tv

A serious topic and a comic approach to spreading awareness…hope at least this helps

Feature your Great Outdoors on Renest

I wanted to break away from usual and mention an announcement inviting refreshing, earth/life-friendly ideas to do up your outdoor space. You must have designed or planned a perfect outdoor space to enjoy your summer evenings, right. And if you are proud of your space why not share it with the world. Sounds interesting?…Then read on….Apartment Therapy has invited hobby gardeners, landscape designers, and backyard farmers, irrespective of the size of their “canvas”, to show off their outdoor space. The projects could include building a tool shed, planting, setting up an entertaining area, and the activities you would plan in your outdoor space.  

What would be featured –
  • An outdoor How-To or DIY project 
  • Cozy and welcoming outdoor space you’ve created
  • Vegetable garden 
  • Balcony /terrace/ roof garden
  • Your tips and tricks for eco-friendly outdoor decorating, or gardening

Interested?…here is how you can do it. Send the Renest Division (Green segment of Apartment Therapy) an email at re-nest@apartmenttherapy.com and share your project, space, or tip, include a few pictures. If selected, your outdoor space will find its way among other really wonderful spaces featured on this platform. 

I am sure they do a great job assessing the entries. How am I so sure?… My tiny balcony garden was featured last June (09) (uff I am such a show off!!) 

And this year, they have featured my last year’s submission in this announcement.

(Images, clockwise from top left: Bev’s Inspiring Country Garden; Sudha’s Repurposed Garden Balcony; Toby and Jason’s Petite Patio; Nancy’s Patio Veggie Garden)

 So Good luck with your outdoor space and your entry.

Oil Spill 2010; An introduction

Ever since the Oil spill on the 21st of April 2010. I have been researching and drafting a post on the Mexican Gulf spill /slick. The damage is so extensive that my research is not winding up. I have decided to do a series of posts on the topic.

One look at the amount of damage raise questions and the need for excessive dependence on crude oil and natural gas and the resultant exploration projects across the globe.

source: theage-com

Let me begin with a brief introduction via this video, courtesy: youtube. This is not the recent oil spill but a previous one near the San Fransisco Bay area. So if you thought that oil spills happen only once in a while, think again!!

Recommended read:
Article in huffingtonpost

The fate of Marine life in the gulf

Imagine a hot summer day, and the oil layer hitting a 90 degree C. What do you think it would do to a bird /dolphin/turtle covered in oil? It is like burning/roasting them to death…all when they are alive. Imagine the Planet of Apes and what if we were the victims instead of these harmless creatures?

Just when you may think that you couldnt do anything to help this issue, take one moment out of your life. Think again, we are responsible for the mess. And only WE can make a difference startign with a few minor changes in our lives. We need to revamp our lifestyles and work on our dependence on Crude oil or any other non renewable energy sources.

Let me know what changes you plan to make. Lets give this a serious thought….its high time dont you think?