Dish washer dilemma

I am not among those who use a dishwasher. I am used to hand washing my dishes, not in running water but in water held in two large containers after the soaping/scrubbing  session(psst…frankly, I do not even know the technique and the optimal dish washer loading patterns…lol). I wrote about my dish washer dilemma >here

I can very well understand if you are among the dishwasher users. I found this article taking about how pre rinsing doesn’t help. Do read through and may be it will save time, energy and resources.

Should you pre-rinse your dishes before loading the dishwasher?: By Lori Bongiorno

source: Getty Images

Let me know your thoughts…..

3 thoughts on “Dish washer dilemma

  1. Ha! Well I have quite the love hate relationship with my dishwasher. I seldom if ever use it because I really find that it's easier, takes less time and just does a better job to do them by hand.

    That being said, every once in a while life gets the better of me and I resort to the horrible machine. And I recently discovered that if you don't use it for a while you can have a very nasty and smelly surprise waiting for you when you eventually open the door!

    And in terms of pre-rinsing. They say that you don't have to with these modern machines… but I think that only works if you dirty enough dishes so you can do them before the food dries on and glues to the plates. Otherwise forget it! You'll just end up doing them by hand after the dishwasher doesn't get them clean… so why not just do them by hand in the first place!

    I'm so heartened to know that I'm not the only hand washer out there!

    Yours in Frugal Green-ness,
    Rebecca The Greeniac


  2. Well I am amazed at why one will need a dishwasher at all. I only think it will increase the work for anyone. There are utensils that must not be used in a dishwasher .. then you may have to apply your brains, sort them out first. A simple, manual activity – scrub all utensils with mild soap and then rinse in running water. I am sure this dishwasher stuff will not work at all for the kind of traditional food made in Indian cuisine. Too much of opulence and electrical gadgets fuss.


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