Repurposed and Upcycled ~ Car tires

I came across a Melbourne, Australia based company, called Ruba Designs

Ruba designs upcycles used car tires into amazing designer table mats, desk mats and coasters. If we were to ignore the enery and effort which goes into this process, and the consequent recycling process footprint, this is a cool concept…a lot better than directing used rubber tires into landfill and also reducing the need to chop trees, produce more cotton, bamboo, jute etc or produce more plastic for mats and coasters. 

all images courtesy: Ruba

The Placemats and coasters, which won’t bend out of shape, are warm and inviting to touch, waterproof, heat resistant,  dishwasher safe, and non-slip. They are available in 6 different designs to cater for different tastes.  Also included in the collection are 4 styles of mouse pads and 3 styles of desk sets for the office. Ruba designers Sonia Attard and Lisa Vincitorio share their views in an interview on a fellow Green blog >>Link

If you are interested in updates about Ruba and its products…do click on their Facebook LIKE button  :)..cheers to more such ventures..yay!! 

9 thoughts on “Repurposed and Upcycled ~ Car tires

  1. aren't tires and that toxic? How do they deal with that? I thought thats why people were discouraged to use them for planters anymore because of the heavy metals that leach into the soil?


  2. Can't belive that stinky rubber tyres could be turned into something so beautiful—anything that keeps stuff out of landfills!

    Kinda reminds me of the nike shoe campaign!


  3. thank you for the comments..

    i have been researching on the toxic part of it..however, a few sources still talk about use of tires in the garden. Leeching was a major concern for me..i am corresponding with the founders to get some inputs..waiting to see what they say about it


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