A Conscious Retailer

3 thoughts on “A Conscious Retailer

  1. So, we are going back to the local grocery store version, where there is no packing and we can choose custom quantities, local products and in-season products.
    Pathetic that we are trying to eliminate these local grocery stores in developing countries. While trying to resurrect them in developed countries.


  2. Agree with both of you .. I have local grocery vendors who have a tough time making a living, aping developed countries and their practices blindly is of no avail.. quite timely it is that I cam across this post. I would like to share my views on matters that need serious concern, please read when u have time posts on my blog – 1)http://furorescribendi.blogspot.com/2011/09/jairam-rameshs-efforts-to-save.html


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