Cookies Anyone

Going to the grocery store with my DH means getting home atleast one pack of cookies/biscuits. Frequency has reduced over the years, however I intend to put a complete stop to it. Being a no kids home – its easy for us. And we dont need all that high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, colours, processed sugar and maida/all purpose flour either. I bake a lot so the solution – bake whenever he wants to buy a pack.

Apart from dietary no-nos, what troubles me is all the packaging it brings along.

note to self!:
– I need to follow Beth Terry’s idea to write more frequently to companies and totally give up on buying them
bake my whole wheat eggless versions at home

Please share your thgts on this..would love to hear if you ever think of this, and if you did, your solutions

6 thoughts on “Cookies Anyone

  1. That's a cool decision. share with us how it goes. All the best. My daughter when she was 10 and my son at 12 took a new year resolution that they will be off cakes, cookies, chocolates etc for a year and I am so proud they did it. I for one easily gets tempted for breaking the rules 🙂


  2. Oh Yes.. I sooooooooooooo agree… the packaging totally upsets me too…

    Often I buy lunch for a nearby supermarket 'Spinneys'… I'll buy the take away stuff.. that they pack and weigh.. if I want two different things… the gift would put them in two plastic containers… I've finally managed to convince her.. to put it in one.. And when I took the plastic back the next day for reuse.. She stared at me.. like 'what'.. what are you talking about?? *gosh*.. Its so difficult to get people to understand..

    But you are right.. we should all write in to them..

    Our cookie buying is very minimal… I buy a small pack a week.. that doesn't really have a cardboard packaging..


  3. Nice decision Sudha.. Surprising to see the amount of packing material used for cookies. India is still better off in this… our biscuits come wrapped in single paper wraps. But I am getting to see more of the imported plastic packing loaded 'cookies' at the new super and hyper markets…


  4. thanks S…the sad part is this is the Britannia brand biscuit imported to the US from india…and all the packaging is from one single carton. I do not understand the logic, but the carton contains five to six different packets (hard and soft plastic) with the individual packaging u see in the picture


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