Creating awareness ~ in style

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This amazing picture is a view of the swimming pool at Bhakti Par in Mumbai, India. The eye-catching
swimming pool has been built to raise awareness about the threat of sea level rises as a result of global warming. It was constructed by attaching a giant aerial photograph of the New York City skyline to the floor of the pool.

Conceived by: Ogilvy & Mather
Commissioned by: HSBC to promote its £50million project tackling climate change.
How they did it
O&G team used an aerial shot of a city to the base of a swimming pool.The pool gives a shocking view of a city submerged in water. A sunken city view was to drive home the impact of global warming, and how it could destroy our world someday soon.

What better way to create awareness about rising sea levels and the imapct of global warming. Melting glaciers and north pole issues are not only a threat to polar bears but will take us down too

3 thoughts on “Creating awareness ~ in style

  1. Hi Sudha! I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog that day, so that I could find your great blogs! What an amazing pool, it's both thought provoking and so immensely beautiful. I love that way of proving a point, I'm speechless! Congratulations on writing such a meaningful blog with a real message. Way to go!


  2. Hi Tove
    Loved your home and your lovely comment…so glad u took time out to stop by. left a comment with a request on ur blog…pl email me when possible


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