New beginnings for the better at University of California

I got this message in my email and had to share it here. 

For Immediate Release:
Student groups at the University of California Santa Barbara, including the Associated Students Coastal Fund, Environmental Affairs Board, Isla Vista Surfrider Foundation and CalPirg, have banded together with campus administration and the Plastic Pollution Coalition to make a profound impact on the campus community and the City of Santa Barbara. 
Compelled by the goal to ban single use plastic bags and raise awareness of the detrimental affects of plastics on our environment, the students have created a new partnership on campus named the UCSB-Plastic Pollution Coalition (UCSB-PPC).
The global Plastic Pollution Coalition (PPC) is an alliance of individuals, organizations and businesses working together to stop plastic pollution and reduce its toxic impacts on humans,animals and the environment. The UCSB-PPC is participating in the global PPC’s “Plastic-Free Campuses” project as the pilot school. The goal of the project is to encourage more universities to reduce their plastic consumption by educating their fellow students, raising awareness in the campus community and actively engaging students in campus policy.
Alyssa Hall, a core member of the UCSB-PPC, described the importance of the campaign that “We live in one of the most exceptional places in the world. We go to one of the most exceptional schools in the world. Shouldn’t our policies around single use plastic be exceptional as well? We can do better than single use plastics and the UCSB – Plastic Pollution Coalition has unified our campus around eliminating this wasteful practice.”
The week of January 9 – January 13 marks the kickoff of the campaign and will include such displays as dumping a single days worth of plastic collected in the center of campus, the installation of a sculpture made completely of plastic found on local beaches, and a press conference.
In conjunction with UCSB-PPC’s campaign, UCSB Reads, which hands out over 3,000 free books to students every year, has chosen a book focused on the theme of marine plastic pollution. Moby Duck, by Donovan Hohn, discusses a spill of plastic ducks into the Pacific Ocean in the 1990s and the hunt to find them on local beaches. These organizations have joined forces to bring even more campus support to the campaign.
Upcoming events for the UCSB-PPC include the author Donovan Hohn coming to campus to discuss his book, “a day without a bag” where they will be giving out free re-usable bags, a re-usable item vendor faire on the UCSB campus. Students organizers will continue to collect signatures on campus with the goal to make an impact to City Council and the campus to be plastic bag free!
For more information on the PPC and upcoming events, email
Pic courtesy: UCSB-Plastic Pollution Coalition (UCSB-PPC).

Klean Kanteen water bottle

Wishing everyone a very happy new year and more greener choices for 2012…This post is long overdue…bad health dint let me post it earlier..I have something exciting to share…

My hubby bought us a pair of all steel and bamboo Klean Kanteen water bottles for our bdays :).  I had Klean Kanteen on the list, but the cost made me look for other options.After a long and disappointing search for all steel and no plastic water bottle, we decided to buy Klean Kanteen bottles

I was excited…no styrofoam peanuts..yay!!!
Was a little disappointed to see my bottle wrapped in plastic 😦

But then the bag says 100% compsotable..I really hope it is!!

Arent the bottles amazing. They costed us $32 with taxes…(after we used an online $2 coupon)

I plan to reuse jute rice bags to make nice compact totes/bags for the bottles

Slow Cooker Liner ~ I am speechless

The consumer goods industry never stops to amaze me. This time around, it is the slow cooker plastic liner. While WHO and other health and wellness agencies keep advocating use of metal and ceramic utensils and cooking medium, Companies such as Rubbermaid, Reynolds find time to introduce more senseless products into the market. This time its the PLASTIC LINER for your slow cooker.

So are we getting ready to simmer and slow cook our food in plastic and let all the plasticiky goodness sinnk deeper into our system…I am stumped. It doesnt matter if the plastic container leaches BPA into your food or not. Bottom line is – Using plastic for cooking or heating is a big NO-NO. Lab tests which speak about not finding BPA in name brand plastic products today, will surely trace something else which will be proven harmful in a few years from now. Why risk our family and ourselves with these mindless products. I am open to come across any positive point about using them. (excepting water wastage or effort cos they are pointless arguments when compared to the case of non-bio-degradablilty of these products (remember garbage patches and landfills- we dont need more of them)

When I see food bloggers recommend such products I am sure they have not thought this through. These liners are supposed to be made of  anti-heat nylon…hmm..more heat resistant plastic..yet to research on whats in it!…all yours thoughts are welcome

Eco friendly wireless mouse

I have had this peeve about wireless mouse and keyboard.  All the battery it drains, made my green alarm go off on full blast! A few sniffs later, I came across Aramedia’s cordless mouse which does not need battries…read more here

An Eco-Friendly BatteryFREE Wireless Mouse For Laptop - Click Image to Close

An Eco-Friendly BatteryFREE Wireless Mouse For Laptop for $39.95. I am still worried about the plastic which went into making it, but it is a decent trade off compared to all the battery drain from using regular cordless mouse and keyboard

And then Logitech has its Solar powered isnt it!
The Logitech Wireless Solar-Powered Keyboard
Quoting the Logitech siteover 15 billion batteries dumped into landfills in the USA alone, each and every year. Let’s face it, any number over zero is too many. All these batteries can potentially leak lead, cadmium, nickel hydride and other chemicals into our groundwater and contaminate our soil. This toxic brew not only renders the soil useless but will also foul our drinking supply. Part of the reason for so many batteries being discarded is that they simply cannot keep up with the demands of modern technology.
Logitech has introduced a new wireless solar powered keyboard that is designed to eliminate the need for batteries. It even works inside in a standard lighted room, so you don’t have to work only near a window or outside on a sunny day. With convenience like this, battery hassles will soon be a thing of the past.
Keeping with the eco-friendly theme, Logitech has used completely PVC-free construction methods and the packaging is fully recyclable. The design is intended to create a minimal footprint.”

I am very happy to see some progress! However, I do not recommend buying more plastic, it is always better to use anything until its lifetime. One of the sources for green hazard having ruled out, there are products which have been thought out a little further.

These are made of bamboo

Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse
There is a downside to using renewable materials as well, as I always say, using any resource in excess and over consumption is never earth friendly..:)..Be wise choose well and be a minimalist!..Frugality is definitely eco-freindly