Slow Cooker Liner ~ I am speechless

The consumer goods industry never stops to amaze me. This time around, it is the slow cooker plastic liner. While WHO and other health and wellness agencies keep advocating use of metal and ceramic utensils and cooking medium, Companies such as Rubbermaid, Reynolds find time to introduce more senseless products into the market. This time its the PLASTIC LINER for your slow cooker.

So are we getting ready to simmer and slow cook our food in plastic and let all the plasticiky goodness sinnk deeper into our system…I am stumped. It doesnt matter if the plastic container leaches BPA into your food or not. Bottom line is – Using plastic for cooking or heating is a big NO-NO. Lab tests which speak about not finding BPA in name brand plastic products today, will surely trace something else which will be proven harmful in a few years from now. Why risk our family and ourselves with these mindless products. I am open to come across any positive point about using them. (excepting water wastage or effort cos they are pointless arguments when compared to the case of non-bio-degradablilty of these products (remember garbage patches and landfills- we dont need more of them)

When I see food bloggers recommend such products I am sure they have not thought this through. These liners are supposed to be made of  anti-heat nylon…hmm..more heat resistant plastic..yet to research on whats in it!…all yours thoughts are welcome

China’s Prosperity- at what cost?

I see people happy when Walmart and other retailers announce SALE on their stock. These retailers conveniently dump out of season good onto customers. It is quite true that some of the products on the shelves aren’t worth the entire retail price. However, does it make sense or justify a buying, just because some product is on sale?

Marketing teams do a wonderful job by making most of the consumer goods look indispensable. Over 70% of the consumer base is led by this “Buy things off season, and during a Sale “ mentality.  This group of customers think only about their money saving deals for now and care less about the impact of their incessant buying habits on the supply demand economics. Given this fact, it is impossible to expect them to think in terms of the torture our planet goes through to help them meet their NEEDS.

One look at the overstocked aisles in any store reminds one of the excessive consumerism patterns, such huge conglomerates promote. When companies like WalMart, Kroger, Publix and Whole foods talk about sustainability, it sounds like a joke and a mockery of the earth friendly effort ever proposed/ put in by a human on the face of the planet.


World’s major economies survives on the health of their retail sector, no denying that. But doesn’t that mean that they need to work towards being the most responsible as well. Every retail giant claims to be doing their bit for the planet. REALLY? One look at  these stores’ slogans show how tangential their business policies are to their Green claims.

Let us take a look at their Punch/tag lines: Walmart – Save money . Live better; Publix- Where shopping is pleasure, Target – Expect more , Pay less, etc….Retailer talks about Saving green  and never encourage customers to go green with their shopping choices.

Why would they, wouldn’t that affect their bottom lines and their sales figures? Hanging a reusable bag at the billing counter isn’t helping folks!!

Other than encouraging excessive consumerism, these retailer are doing nothing for the community. A classic example would be Kroger’s 10 for $10 sale. Their ads make Stocking your pantry for less seem like saving millions. As part of its green efforts, Kroger conducts a design a reusable bag contest every year. But never bothers to encourage its customers to bring in their own bags.  My question – why not suggest people to get their bags rather than make it look like they want the customers to BUY a bag at the counter. This strategy makes the plastic /paper bag seem like a MONEY saving option for any average consumer.And the entire Green drama put up by the conglomerate moves backstage.

Time and again, I have been putting up with arguments from people about why they should buy a reusable bag when a plastic bag is free? Right, can’t they see that they could take their own bag to the store. No one forces them to buy a reusable bag. Where do these people leave their common sense? Is it justified when educated people argue that they cant make simple choices for the better?

One need not be an economist to put one  plus one. It is known that every product sold across the Atlantic and this side of the Pacific comes from the Land of the Forbidden City. Every product ever manufactured may be contributing to this said country’s apparent growth and prosperity. But all this at what cost? Is it ok to ignore impact of our mindless living? These impacts are no longer a distant occurrence. We can see the aftermath of excessive exploitation of our natural resources and can no longer ignore the way our life (read health) is being changed for the worse. What would take the majority of the population to wake up?…I am yet to figure that out.

Apart from doing their bit in destroying the planet and adding to the resource crunch. These retail giants kill local, small time grocery stores who could have been greener with their functioning. Not only do these small time stores go out of business, but these giant’s monopoly impacts local economic as well. All said and done, do we really need a WALMART in India? No, definitely not!!!

How could I miss sharing this cartoon??


My next article is about the KING? of the retail sector who thinks that projecting a We sell cheap imagine translates to more business and money in his pocket. To hell with the environment and the drastic impact his money making conglomerate would have on the planet!!!

My Bag Arrived! – Gift from the Green Bag Lady

It is great to see one lady make such a huge difference around her. Yes, I am talking about the Green Bag Lady – Ms Teresa. :). The Bag she sent me has arrived…It is a beautiful cotton bag. I ll update this post with my picture of the bag….when I am out shopping for grocery this weekend.

Thank you once again Teresa…

As promised…here is the update for this post….My Green Lady Bag in use along with my other regular bags!

Say no to plastic and paper shopping bags

Once upon a time people carried their satchels and bags on their shopping trips.  Then plastic was invented and we were pushed into thinking that grocer supplied bags meant convenience. It is really unfortunate that we have come a long way with this “convenience”.

Having realized its impact on our lives, a select few started looking for solutions and are trying to spread awareness. I came across this petition and wanted to show the lack of interest for such serious issues among general population.

The Petition: Ask retailers to stop-using-plastic-bags

There have been many such requests, crusades and petitions which have gone unheard. I agree that this is not the only problem plaguing us today. We need to start somewhere and this is the easiest change we could make and make a huge difference in the way we treat our planet.

Video source: youtube

We don’t have a choice anymore. Being conscious and making sensible decisions is the only way out.

You make a difference too
Make sure you carry a decent sized bag with you and refuse a plastic bag at the billing counter. A small effort and  may be one bag at a time, and you will walk out of the store with a feeling of having done something right. Eventually, this will grow on you and you would have gone “green”. Also, please stop asking for extra bags and don’t justify that you use it to throw garbage out. Garbage doesn’t decompose when enclosed in plastic bags. It only adds to toxic gas emissions.

Retailing giants are trying to do their bit by asking you to pay for the bag, it is not to see if you can “afford” it, but to cure consumers of their plastic bag addiction.

Giving this point a thought means a lot to our planet. Come to think of it, the planet doesn’t need us to save it. By doing our bit, we are keeping our hopes alive to see another generation survive on this green planet.

Video source : youtube

New Ziploc Evolve – Claims to be Eco-friendly – OXYMORON!!

Whenever the new ziploc evolve ad comes up on TV, I get agitated. Calling a non-biodegradable product eco friendly makes no sense. The ad claims that the product is being manufactured using 25% less plastic (ah!), and mentions that it manufacturing process makes use of wind energy (sic). Really? How can a plastic product, which will eventually be landfill, be eco-friendly by any means? I am sick and tired of living among ostriches. I remember, once when I forwarded an article about quilted toilet paper, one of the educated members of the family lashed back saying – “it was for people to decide as to what they do with their ass!”. Great. Green choices are a necessity now and no longer a matter of choice. Huh! no point trying to make people see sense. Conglomerates will keep filling their coffers at the cost of the general population getting sold by the idea of what they say is right. Parallely, activists will be on their quest for a greener earth. All will co-exist in a weird harmony.