Green design: Preethi’s Fan blade Lamp ~ DIY

I have already spoken about this amazing lady on the blog here. Preethi is full of surprises. This time around, she made a set of pendant lamps from discarded fan blades.

 And here is the story in her own words.

“Pendant lights can be expensive and yet not unique. Here is a quick DIY pendant lights idea. 

On my last trip to the weekly Bangalore Sunday market, which happens on the BVK Iyengar Road, I chanced upon these table fan blades in different colors. They weren’t pretty when I saw them, I had to look through a load to get the least dented ones, but I think I could see through the dusty blades and I had an instant idea. I picked up four of them and they sat in a corner of the house for a few weeks before the time came for it to see the light of the day.”

“So when I was decorating my husbands office meeting room, I visualized the three fan blades hanging from the ceiling above the table. I wanted a retro feel in that space, and the fan blades were best suited there.  I brought them out and shined them with some soap water and wet rag.”

What I used for this project?

  • 3 meters of wire (White)
  • 3 white bulb holders
  • One metal wire manager strip ( can find in any lighting shop)
  • 3 LED bulbs

How I did it? 

“It was just a matter of cutting the wires to 3 different length, attaching the holder and passing it through the fan blades. The wire manager holds the wire tightly in place and conceals the wires connections. Since the connections to be made to the existing building wiring, it needed an electrician for installation. And it was done! 

I think it turned out pretty cool, and I am quite proud of it. It sort of fit perfectly into the theme and looks very impressive.”

Awesome is’t it. 

I had to feature this as it works so well and it goes so well with my green design ethos :). Need to see more of her awesome DIYs? Hop over to her space…

Thanks a ton for sharing the DIY with me Preethi. 🙂


She is an entrepreneur and deals in Indian handicrafts and exclusive textiles. I hope to do a tour of her awesome office space she did recently… 🙂

No Plastic pledge

I have been on a minimal or no plastic pledge for over a decade now. its not that difficult to go plastic free. a few tweaks here and there and we are all set. In the coming weeks I have a few posts lined up.

Kick starting the new year with a stronger will to blog and share my thoughts and ways of sustainable living. Humble beginnings!!


A very Happy new year!



Hi blog!

having had a roller coaster year (2008)….I want to catch up on the lost time…..Apart from a few tormenting issues with my parents’ health and mine, nothing much has changed….Just that I have started to be more conscious about my talkativeness, or so I think…

My weight though, has kept me company all through ..lolz…..i guess it is high time i stopped even trying to loose those “extra” kilos..

Its with me for keeps. 2008 had another event happening in my life……I graduated from UIS with my MS in MIS…..But I guess appa and amma kept me busy mentally and emotionally….We have had our differences, fights, tear jerking dialogue baazeez……but this time it was different……the scare of loosing them shook me beyond what I could imagine……having struggled with appaz health, financial issues, and a lot of other things……amma has another major battle ahead…..I can only pray and hope that God has some thing nice in store……ITz HIGH TIME!….

All this and more……has held me from letting me enjoy the fact that I finished my LONG Pending MS (Phew 7 years….2001-2008)…I have always known …these things dont really matter…..winning an loosing dont matter at is ur mental state on the victory or the loss which counts and will matter to you…so what everyone else judges deosnt really matter…..I wish i could translate this view of mine to other important components of my being……so that i wouldnt let others hurt me as they do now…..

2008 sure zoomed past in a jiffy…….waqt accha ho ya bura……ek din tho sirf 24 gante ka hotha hai .hai na!…… quote a very old saying….Its all in the mind as they say….it is my thought process which puts me thru hell or heaven…knowing this….being emotional hurts me a lot…….I have always let otehrs rule my life, my happiness…and it hurts even more to realise that i have always been the process of growing out of it …and failed miserably……i value everyone more than I should……and the other person who so ever it might be…..carez a damn about me…….more on this later……

To start my new year, i invested in a much research area…..Cookware…….yes, srinath and I bought a four “barthan” set of tri-ply clad cookware…this was to reduce my cooking time and conserve my energy and of the utility aspect in the apartment!

Another interesting angle to this is that I joined the home shopping wives club..heheeh……..a major change from what i was earlier…counting cents seems to be gone thing ….I sure hate this part of me…….seems like i am taking the dude for granted…….I should be more conscious……..and be the good old sudha who knows what each cent means……I loved the way I was…..knew my limits and yet happy with the way i lived……Stingy is the word according to others……..To state just one….I had a budget for the petrol i put in my scooty, and when i crossed the weekly limit…….i used to restrict my trips on the dear one!….and I am surely proud of how i managed my money or the lack of it …:)….seriously speaking i m fine and happy even when i dot have money the only thing i am scared of is to have to pay medical bills and not have money for that……..i am really happy that the person who is the center of my world also feels and thinks the same way………i m definitely blessed for all the Wrongs I have in my life…….so no complaints…….the only thing being…….that i would love to be able to walk on my own……get up without support…….and having struggled the last decade with such issues…….i may loose the need to get well too..It is becoming a way of life… no…I am not passing any depressig comments……u just learn to live with it with time!….(will let surely let out my steam on what happened..but abhi nahi..)

Another milestone this January is the completion of five years of bliss with the dude!………He is a simple guy with a lot of love in his heart and smile on his face……..cant trade anything in this world for what I have……..i surely believe in ” not getting something u want is always a wonderful stroke of luck!”

Time is precious!

Sounds too familiar until you understand what it actually means to you. Each moment spent never comes back. I have always been saying this to myself for over a decade now. Like many of us i too did not want to be a face in the crowd. This has nothing to do with fame or money……is there any point in talking?……no i guess!

Happy Dassera!
Living in a foreign environment has me going nuts…Missing India has become second to, before I get over dramatic with my post….Let me get to what I sat down to write. Previous experiences with people, places and things is what shapes a person’s thinking. It is nice to see fellow Indians celebrate our festivals with appreciable enthusiasm. A common thought I get to hear is that, we get more religious and “wanting to preserve our tradition” while we are away. It is more like appreciating amma’s simple rasam and kootu meal while in a hostel …..Things are different when you live out of your secure environment. It is true that you live where your next meal is destined for you. Also, it is difficult to say that we choose what we want in life, if we could, then why would so many of us crib day in and day out about missing home but having to live here for money and of course the living standards.

It is more of a vicious cycle, any amount of arguments will not work. It is nothing new that our generation is out of their home town. May be each one of our parents has moved out of their turf for a career, in my case from pallakad to hyderabad. My father still misses his home and smells and feel of pallakad. How different are we? Just that, the far off land is more accessible now, we are here. It been a thing as old as the mankind itself, may be we need to look at the aspect of staying back in the “America” as another migration for growth. It is each one’s destiny where they end up living. If you are planning to go back home, it is just because may be you are supposed to be there!…my friends argue about destiny and say we choose our life… I dont want to argue on that…for each his own….it is just that they think they choose thats all!

avial and rasam!!

It has been a long time since I had penned anything down. God knows how time flies!!

Or coming to think of it, I seem to have a gift…the art of whiling away time not doing anything!! just nothing!!..I have to admit, I am kind of jealous of people who have their life all figured out…lol….I swing from being a totally contented person to someone how is feeling a lot of turmoil with in…Nothing to do with what is wrong with me …it is more to do with things which I realise are wrong and I am incapable to change!